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We thought we should make it easier for those interested in the organizations with whom we have traveled to reach more information.  So far, we have gone on at least one trip with each, but each organization has several destinations and types of programs.  We have volunteered in construction, but one can teach English or work with kids, for example.

Amizade ranks tops in our book because they offer custom long term volunteer programs.  We have, admittedly, have only used them for our Bolivian travels, but reports from other volunteers are favorable for other destinations as well. We have met and worked with many of the Amizade US staff over the years.  We have confidence that their other countries enjoy the same dedicated support.


Road Scholar, formerly Elderhostel, acts as a broker for several of these organizations as well as having a plethora of educational trips on anything to anywhere.  They require only one of you to be age 55+. 


Healing the Children was instrumental in assisting with the several CEOLI children's health problems.  The Missouri chapter president has moved on to lead the World Pediatric Project in St. Louis, MO.


Below are the web and email addresses of each.


Our destination


E-mail Address

Web Address

Bolivia Amizade, Ltd.
Jamaica Global Volunteers
Kenya Global Citizens Network
Nicaragua El Porvenir
China Road Scholar
USA Healing the Children
USA World Pediatric Project