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The masthead is a view of Cochabamba, Bolivia from the Taquiña Restaurant. Note the 125 foot tall Christo, left.


This website exists because our many friends and relatives want to know about our trips and experiences as we travel all over the world. We are pleased to share these experiences with you -- please read and enjoy.


CEOLI Card TC-13 In 2003 we began selling CEOLI cards in the US. It is our great pleasure to help several handicapped Bolivian artists who earn a living by hand painting beautiful greeting cards. Please visit the CEOLI card page, read the story about these artists and consider buying some of these wonderful cards. In 2013 we added cards made by 10-15 year olds who might grow into our next generation talent.



Throughout the website are small pictures like this CEOLI card thumbnail above. Double click on these to open a larger, easier to see picture.


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